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Awareness Programme held at Municipality, Jabalpur   (21 August, 2017)

To Educate the Officers and Staff of Municipality, Jabalpur, a programme was held in Conference hall under the Chairperson ship of Dr. Swati Godbole. Dr. P.K. Singh, Director DWR graced the occasion as chief guest. Dr. Singh appealed the Mayor, Jabalpur and Staff to clean this weed from the city. Dr. Godbole assured that Municipality will take appropriate action to combat with this problematic weed.

Dr. Suhil Kumar, Programme Cordicnator and Principal Scientist, DWR educated the participants about the menace and management of Parthenium by various methods but he emphasis to opt integrated management.

The dias was shared by Shri Anchal Sonkar, Shri Kake Anand, Shri Kamlesh Agarwal and other dignitaries. At the end of the programme, bioagent Zygogamma bicolorata were distributed to the participants with the appeal to release the same in Parthenium infested area. Dr. Basant Mishra gave the vote of thanks. Dr. Bhumesh Kumar and Dr. VK. Choudhury were also present from DWR.